“The Business of Blockchain” segment with TV Host Nisa Amoils; “Universal Basic Income (UBI): Blockchain Use Cases” topic sponsored by Bitdeer Technology Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BTDR) ($BTDR) interviews with Scott Santens, author and UBI Specialist, and Anna Stone, Executive Director of GoodDollar

Jan 25, 2024

New to The Street’s “The Business of Blockchain” segment with TV Host Nisa Amoils is on the topic, Universal Basic Income (UBI): Blockchain Use Cases,” sponsored by Bitdeer Technology Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BTDR) ($BTDR) (“Bitdeer”). Two guests, Scott Santens, author and UBI Specialist, and Anna Stone, Executive Director of GoodDollar, explain UBI practices and how to use blockchain technology for UBI initiatives. Scott Santens talks with Nisa about why UBI is an amount of cash protected universally, unconditionally, periodically, and individually. Scott’s UBI methodology was the basis of former Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang’s UBI proposal. Governmental programs using a UBI model can reduce and change welfare programs to eliminate chronic poverty and income inequalities. Scott feels even people with jobs fear not making enough money from economic downturns and catastrophes, adding psychological stress. Technological advances in automation and AI platforms can eliminate employment, adding additional stress. Lowering stress and insecurities happens when a UBI is in place; individuals develop comfort knowing that money is available to help. From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, Anna Stone, Executive Director of GoodDollar, expands further on UBI and how the non-profit blockchain entity is making a difference in 181 countries. GoodDollar’s digital blockchain UBI platform has served around 630,000 people, giving them GoodDollar’s protocol G$ tokens that convert to cash or for business purposes. The UBI blockchain approach is unique, and it solves the problems of capital access and reducing poverty. GoodDollar’s “Climate Collective” platform provides tokens for those affected by man-made and natural catastrophes. The blockchain, a trusted technology platform, can provide immediate aid to relief efforts individually, giving timely direct payments. Many governmental programs and traditional non-profits take time to institute programs, and often, misallocations of money and resources unfortunately occur. Additionally, GoodDollar pays people who provide environmental services, working to improve climate-related issues. Universal Basic Income can work successfully when programs and technology come together, making global changes for the betterment of humankind. Viewers can learn more at websites https://www.scottsantens.com/ &

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