Tokenised sports platform SportemonGo launched SGO V.2


World’s premier tokenised sports platform SportemonGO launched Sportemon (SGO) V.2 on 22 January 2022. The new contract allows for greater business expansion to achieve the stated goals and deliver even better investor rewards, including staking for BUSD and Sportemon Go’s own stable coin, LibertyOne, and other SGO projects like MetaRace World and DeF1. Sportemon Go sits as the leader at the intersection of multi-billion dollar industries being Blockchain tokenised Sports, NFTs, Metaverse, and Betting.

Sportemon Go was conceived in 2017 and launched in 2021 by Ricky Jackson, former professional football player with experience in sports collectibles, athlete management, sports software, and gaming, and his son Corey Jackson, a multi-industry marketing expert with experience in gaming, SAAS, and blockchain. This father-son team brings multi-generational experience, skills, and expertise to SportemonGo, as it aims to be the world’s greatest tokenised sports platform. Creating a perfect synergy between the real world and the metaverse through immersive in-app, real and unreal virtual stadium sporting experiences, gaming in the metaverse, and much, much more.

This fully tokenised Sports Stadium Ecosystem is powered by SGOs native token and the new contract launching 22 January 2022 will support growth measures including staking for BUSD, or for SportemonGo’s own stable coin, LibertyOne which is ready in February 2022. Improved security, options, and capabilities for whitelisting and blacklisting will be integrated to help avoid incidents of bad actors on the network and theft. “As we bring on more and more interactive gaming and betting modules and launch our very own stable coin to support the global betting activities, we also bring on enhanced opportunities and flexibility with the V2 to suit the growth of the business market cap…” Ricky Jackson, Telegram AMA 3 January. “…it will be far more adaptable to where the business has got to than the very basic contract that we had right at the start, which, as everyone knows the business has expanded a hundredfold, a thousandfold, from what the original roadmap and contract was… this V2 contract launch is the catalyst for the Billion Dollar Game Changer and we are now ready for take-off! ”

The platform has already gone live with SporteApp beta and next-gen NFTs, available in SGOs own SporteNFT Marketplace, developed within the first 6 months of trading with Australian Heroes and Great Britain Heroes, Premier League stars including Luke Shaw, Andy Robertson, Callum Hudson- Odoi, MetaRaceWorld with NFT Greyhound Dogs, DeF1 Cars for racing games, as well as partnerships with Stephen Crystal ‘Mr. Las Vegas’, Pickstar, ChainLink, Russel Crowe’s the Rabbitohs, The NZ Hurricanes, and the famous Rangers FC and there are far more unannounced deals in the works, with a number of these just waiting for the V2 launch… after all why waste all that great news and all this stuff until the token is live and trading, right!… So stay tuned for more exciting major announcements which are expected in the very near future. Get ready for lift-off!

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