Tucker York, Global Head of Goldman Sachs Wealth Management of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Oct 30, 2023

New to The Street Leadership’s TV Co-hosts, Matt Doherty and Jane King from the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio talk with Tucker York, Global Head of Goldman Sachs Wealth Management of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (“Goldman Sachs”). Since its inception in 1869, Goldman Sachs, a world-renowned investment banking firm, prides itself on integrity, transparency, and investment performance, looking always to improve client relationships, employee atmosphere, and shareholders value. Tucker began his career with Goldman Sachs shortly after graduating from business school. In October 1987, Tucker was still a junior with Goldman when the October “Black Market” crash occurred. Since that day, that experience changed him forever in how he views clients’ needs. With his many years of dedicated experience in assisting Goldman’s clients, Tucker rose to become a Managing Director in 1996 and 2000, a Partner at the firm. Tucker informs viewers that Goldman always looks at risk management models, sharing those plans with its customers, employees, and shareholders. Good leaders want to find immediate solutions with the lowest possible losses that can sometimes come from unexpected events. Tucker’s leadership skills have developed over the decades since 1987, and now, as the Global Head of Wealth Management, Tucker always looks for ways to improve client services, better interaction with employees, and strengthen shareholders’ results and relations. Employee retention is an integral part of the overall success at Goldman Sachs. Happy employees engaged in operational ongoings are happily servicing Goldman’s extensive client base. Tucker explains that clients don’t like changes, and the status quo with immediate communication responses is essential. As a leader, he understands that change does occur, and knowing how to handle changes and communicate effectively is vital to building trust and long-lasting relationships. With different market gyrations and business and personal relationship encounters, stress can become a problem for the best of leaders. Tucker says that influential leaders manage stress by looking at the direct cause of the stress and managing the outcome positively. The risk-reward ratio, long-term vs. short-term, and effectively acknowledging that ratio reduces client, employee, and shareholder stress; a good leader will always provide risk-avert solutions to the best of their ability, planning to diminish anxieties. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.- https://www.goldmansachs.com/ and Goldman Sachs Wealth Management – https://privatewealth.goldmansachs.com/us/en/home.

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