“Unstoppable Show” – Decision Velocity Global interview with Kiri-Maree, CEO / Founder/ Visionary


From the Nasdaq Marketplace studio, New to The Street TV airs its “Unstoppable – Show” with TV Co-Hosts Jane King and Rhonda Swan, who interview Design Velocity Global’s Chief Executive Officer / Founder, Kiri-Maree. Social, economic, and environmental declines continue rapidly worldwide from poor public and private policies. Kiri introduces to viewers “The One Percent Movement.” As a visionary and compassionate person, Kiri explains the movement and its significance in creating positive change. Each of us has the power to make a change for the betterment of humankind and the Earth. A new approach needs to come about with decision-making and makers. Those sitting at the “Decision Table” must make difficult choices to close the gap between problems and solutions. Overcoming Cultural preferences and differences is necessary to ensure positive change and outcomes for the planet and its habitants. Keri explains if 1% of the world’s population gets behind a significant cause, a couple of decades from now, 10% of the people of the Earth will shift the outcome to positive. It starts with each of us, our choices have consequences, and the effect is part of the positive plan. The “Decision Table” needs all of us to contribute to recognizing the problems and come up with tough choices to create a positive outcome. Just doing nothing or saying it is someone else’s issue is a disastrous mindset. Viewers interested in being a 1%, in moving the dial positively 1%, and in partnering with that 1% can get involved with “The One Percent Movement”; go to https://jointheonepercentmovement.com/. One human at a time can make a big difference in changing current Earthly conditions, positively. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit Design Velocity and “The One Percent Movement“- https://decisionvelocityleadership.com/ and https://theonepercentmovement.com/.

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