Vacation Property Management – The Compass Collection’s interviews with Heather Plampin, President/CEO, and Matt Farhat, Head of Business Development.


Heather Plampin, President/CEO, and Matt Farhat, Head of Business Development of The Compass Collection, are at the Nasdaq MarketSite studio, sitting with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. The Compass Collection is a national dynamic luxury vacation rental marketing and management Company. Heather explains that most small property owners have limited resources to maximize their rental incomes. Self-managed property owners have limited time to get the best possible revenue. The Compass Collection’s experts can assist owners, giving them a competitive stance against large national management companies. Heather explains that they provide real help and solutions with a personal touch. They call and interact with their clients, creating a hands-on approach with each client. Matt talks about data-driven results unavailable to small self-managed owners. The Compass Collection has the resources to share with each client giving a property better marketing demographics and exposures. With a national footprint, a property owner using The Compass Collections resources can expand rental prospects beyond a local market. Matt says most owners are looking for supplemental income and not a second job with their properties. The Compass Collection can formulate a personal vacation rental property revenue projection for each client. Heather says “Time Saver and Money Maker” is what an owner can expect when they work with The Compass Collection. “The Compass Collection” is a national vacation rental site that will assist renters and property owners to get the best customer experience. Matt tells viewers, anyone interested, owners, and vacationers can use the on-screen QR code available during the show or go to For more information, viewers can visit The Compass Collection – The interview airs on Newsmax TV, episode 467, May 13, 2023, 3:30 PM ET, and the FOX Business Network, episode 468, May 15, 2023, 10:30 PM PT.

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