Vacation Property Management – The Compass Collection’s interviews with Heather Plampin, President/CEO, and Matt Farhat, Head of Business Development.

Feb 9, 2024

From the New York Stock Exchange StudioHeather Plampin, President/CEO, and Matthew Farhat, Head of Business Development of The Compass Collection, talk with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. Recognized as a national brand, The Compass Collection is a vacation rental management and marketing services company. Specializing in sales/marketing, revenue management solutions, and guest services, property owners and renters have had great experiences when engaging the Company. Each property owner has unique issues indicative of a specific property. The Compass Collection looks in-depth at each property and can create an effective plan to increase rental revenues. With a national footprint, property owners can expand beyond local or regional markets, optimizing rental listings to increase rental opportunities. US and international clients use The Compass Collection to book vacation rental properties. All properties have a complete description under the Company’s management. Matthew explains what makes The Compass Collection different from other vacation property management companies; described as “High and to The Right,” property owners can expect a high level of expertise and high value in services rendered. Heather explains that owners become actual CEOs of their properties, enhanced by a back-office team using technology and providing service support. Most small property owners have limited access to a national platform. Still, when they contract with The Compass Collection, they have a whole range of services that are not readily available and affordable with competitors’ management programs. A perfect owner wants to maintain asset property asset preservation, provide a wonderful vacation guest experience, and confidently manage on-site property needs and maintenance. The Compass Collection can assist an owner looking for a more sophisticated level of infrastructure, which can promote higher revenues and rental bookings. Self-managers with operational on-site services can engage with the expectation to increase marketing of the property’s attributes, attract more renters, and increase revenue returns. Many who use other full-service property management companies make less revenue due to higher contract commissions. The Compass Collection offers better prices, services, support, and technology platforms, giving property owners a partner who can market a vacation property and successfully make guests’ vacations great. The Compass Collection can offer a free property evaluation, creating a custom vacation rental plan unique to a specific property and its location. Suppose an owner wants to be a flagship rental in a new market or be a trailblazing property in existing markets. In that case, The Compass Collection can offer excellent incentives to become a client. As a national vacation rental site, The Compass Collection provides property owners and vacation renters with unique and dynamic services to obtain the best experience and productive outcomes. Matt tells viewers, owners, and interested vacationers can use the on-screen QR code available during the show or go to For more information, viewers can visit The Compass Collection –

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