Vegan Rob’s Token ($VRT) interview with Mr. Harry Erlich, President, and Mr. Nick Dazed, Project Advisor and Founder of “Tigerqueen.”


Tonight, New to The Street TV’s Business Anchor Monica Malpass welcomes Vegan Rob’s Token ($VRT). Mr. Harry Erlich, President at Vegan Rob’s Token, and Mr. Nick Dazed, Project Advisor and Founder of “Tigerqueen,” talk on-set at the Nasdaq Marketpalce about harnessing the power of Web 3.0 ecosystems in the snack food industry. Harry has sold snack foods nationally to consumers for the last ten years. He introduced his mission to leverage the millions of his brand followers to Vegan Rob’s blockchain ecosystem. Using the $VRT token, Harry wants to bring meaningful changes to millions in the USA and globally who suffer from hunger and food shortages. With the slogans “FEED The World” and “FEED The Children,” each sale of snack foods using the $VRT token, a percentage of those sales is allocated to a charitable wallet which contributes to organizations assisting those starving. Nick describes how “Tigerqueen” similarly provided a tokenization process, giving 2% back to animal rescue organizations. Also, Nick sees the blockchain as a valuable tool that allows for transparency and accountability, ensuring that the blockchain community ecosystem is fully engaged and educated on snack food products and charitable contributions. Harry describes Vegan Rob’s “Road Map” with its main objective based on its mission to feed the hungry. They are working on the Metaverse project that, when complete, end-users can enter a VR (Virtual Reality) supermarket and purchase products shipped to real locations. Vegan Rob’s future is exciting as Erlich and Nick work together to bridge blockchain technology with snack food sales and distribution, focusing on assisting starving people worldwide. $VRT token purchases are available on the Company’s website. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Vegan Rob’s Token –

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