VegasWINNERS is an online sports data, information, analyses, advice, and prediction business founded by Wayne Allyn Root: one of the most famous faces and brand names of online sports betting. The sudden legalization of sports gambling means that a flood of new amateur bettors will be in need of advice, analyses, and data that Wayne is uniquely positioned to provide.

Wayne Allyn Root made headlines as early as 16 years old when he made 6X his money betting quarters and half-dollars in 1975 and successfully predicted an upset in the 1975 Super Bowl.

Root still has realized a nice chunk of money for a 16 year-old. In his first season of gridiron gambling, he won $48.20 and lost only $8 while betting quarters and half-dollars with his school friends.

VegasWINNERS aims to be the global leader in providing research, analyses, data and professional advice on the winning picks. VegasWINNERS’ CEO, Wayne Allyn Root is already one of the most high-profile, awarded and trusted names in the sports gambling and advice/analysis industry.

With the fast-growing sports gambling business, VegasWINNERS is in the unique position to leverage Wayne’s expertise, the media platform, and – now – great timing. The easiest way to explain this industry is to compare it to the stock advice/analysis industry on Wall Street. The Supreme Court’s May 2018 decision legalizing sports gambling on a state by state basis made this into a new, modern version of Wall Street.