VRM BioLogik Group’s interviews with Ken Bellamy, President, and Kellie Walters, CEO


New to The Street is airing the Nasdaq Marketplace studio interviews with Ken Bellamy, President, and Kellie Walters, CEO from the VRM BioLogik Group. Talking with TV Host Jane King, Kellie explains the Company’s history and business. For over 30 years, VRM BioLogik Group has developed and deployed low-cost scalable agricultural systems designed to improve soil nutrients and other farming solutions. Each year, farmable acreage diminishes due to economic and environmental reasons, and as the world population expands, the need for food increases exponentially. Farmers who plant and replant crops eventually deplete soils of vital nutrients, which reduce crop yields. Because humans need to consume proteins for healthy lives, feed crops are a must to secure a robust food chain. Ken tells viewers that a friendship between the environment and humanity must achieve sustainable changes in the agricultural industry. His focus on soil richness and moisture enabled him to develop mechanisms for soils to overcome dryness and maintain nutrients. Ken successfully created a solution that produces water in dry soil (hydrosynthesis). The Company is aggressively focused on the U.S. agricultural market, looking to make “Friends” with U.S. farmland. VRM BioLogik Group operates worldwide, delivering ecological, social, and financial benefits to farmers. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit VRM BioLogik Group – https://www.vrm.science/.

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