Vulcan Forged’s (CRYPTO: PYR) ($PYR) interview, Mr. Jamie Thomson, CEO


New to The Street TV’s Anchor Ana Berry talks on this week’s show with Mr. Jamie Thomson, CEO at Vulcan Forged (CRYPTO: PYR) ($PYR). As a blockchain NFT and gaming platform powered by the Company’s $PYR token, James provides an update on Vulcan Forged’s company ongoings. With recent geopolitical events and worldwide downtrend economics, he sees a slowing in users on the metaverse platform. Even though demand slowed, he expects growth to continue in the long-term as the metaverse gaming adoption gains momentum. Vulcan Forged’s VulcanVerse, a Greco-Roman fantasy Metaverse gaming platform, allows users to leave real-life issues behind and enjoy a completely different VR (Virtual Reality) gaming experience. These players/users can buy/sell land, swords, and other assets within this metaverse game. James sees VR hardware providers gaining demand and expects more crypto gaming metaverse growth, especially with VulcanVerse. On the show, James provided a new terminology, “GameiFi,” which is a new word for the Pay-to-Earn ecosystems – metaverse VR NFT gaming platforms, replacing the typical legacy Pay-to-Play gaming platforms in the marketplace.

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