What is Carie Health


Carie HealthKey Takeaways:

  • Provides digital health care to patients in the comfort of their homes.
  • Allows doctors and pharmacists to expand their practice and reach more patients in faraway places.
  • Creating a digital ecosystem of virtual care, digital pharmacy, telemedicine and 24/7 coverage to combat the increasing cost and problems related to quality medical care.
  • Platform created “by doctors, for doctors” to keep their needs as top priority.

Providing virtual healthcare to every person around the clock and help them in treating their illness without going through all the hassles of a doctor’s appointment is the aim of Carie Health. Founded in 2016, Carie Health is an end-to-end telehealth solution allowing America to quickly transition to a digital-first model of healthcare and is creating a digital ecosystem where patients and doctors can connect seamlessly. This is great for people who don’t want to clear their whole day just for a doctor’s appointment or for those who live in a remote and distant area where getting access to a quality health care professional can be quite complicated.

Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

Carie HealthCarie Health is a next-generation telehealth platform trying to create a whole ecosystem of virtual healthcare that expands further beyond acute and common diseases and be able to cure other conditions as well. Carie’s virtual care platform follows the HIPAA regulations giving its members a chance to connect with a doctor of their choice or a local doctor certified by the US medical board whenever they want. There are no time constraints like traditional clinics and members won’t have to wait for a long time for someone to look at their problems.

Carie is creating a whole ecosystem for medical care digitally where a patient can consult with a doctor, get their condition looked at, and receive prescription medicines without actually going to a hospital. This is beneficial for not just saving a lot of time for the patient but also eliminates a trip to the hospital that poses a risk of contracting potential diseases from other patients. The whole system is built in such a way that a patient can find continual medical care and assistance with Carie even after their condition is taken care of. They can make use of its digital healthcare platform, telemedicine, digital pharmacy for medicine delivery at their doorstep, telechat, 24/7 coverage, discounts necessary for medical care, and much more.

The biggest property of Carie that makes it stand out from other telehealth establishments is that they are more provider-centric and funded largely “by doctors, for doctors” to create a healthy doctor-patient relationship. Its free cloud-based technology takes into account the user experience of a doctor and pharmacists so that they can enhance their practice and provide personalized telemedicine to their patients from the comfort of their home or clinic. This becomes extra necessary in a time like this where healthcare professionals are at a greater risk of coming in contact with the virus due to their close proximity with infected people.

Seamless User Experience.

Carie makes use of a lot of different technologies and techniques to make digital healthcare completely seamless for a patient or a doctor. The website has an elegant and pleasing design that is quite interactive and easy to navigate allowing a patient to start receiving medical care after just 15 minutes of creating the account. They can get a consultation from any doctor of their choice or use geolocation to start a conversation with a doctor nearest to them. The doctor can write a prescription online which the patient can download to get the medicines they need. Doctors on the platform will be notified about a patient waiting in their lobby and they can quickly begin the consultation whenever they want.

Membership plans start from $25 for an individual patient that includes telehealth visits as well as several discounts while family plans start from as low as $35 giving your family the whole telehealth coverage making it significantly cheaper than a visit to an emergency room.

Adjusting through the pandemic.

The pandemic has been really tough on a lot of businesses around the world and what sets Carie apart from other businesses is their ability to find opportunity in the middle of a crisis. The CEO of Carie Health Ian Parker states that they have evolved their business model in accordance with the changes happening around us in the world. Their focus is on virtual healthcare and digital pharmacy as these are key parts to the solution of this pandemic and will be in demand even after the pandemic ends.

Carie Health for the future.

Telehealth is quickly becoming a booming industry and is replacing traditional healthcare visits at a fast pace. Using technology for remote patient care had been looked down on for many years but has proven its advantages in this tumultuous period. Carie Health is dedicated to providing quality medical care to Americans who used to get left behind due to cost or convenience related issues. The platform is helping patients get affordable care at the comfort of their home and are allowing doctors to reach their patients in places they could never have gone before. Apart from the tech side, Carie works on personal relationships as well and has a deep understanding of what the health care industry needs and what improvements the patients and doctors need in the future.