William Wu, CEO of SolChicks joins New to The Street with TV Anchor Jane King


William Wu, CEO, from SolChicks (CRYPTO: CHICKS) ($CHICKS), joins New to The Street with TV Anchor Jane King. The Company is a leader in the NFT power fantasy gaming sector that is built its ecosystem on the Solana blockchain. With his prior business experiences, William looks for industry participants who develop disruptive platforms. William explains that the legacy gaming sector is now disruptive from transformation to blockchains, with a metaverse VR application. Slowly, the industry is moving towards blockchain. William sees SolChicks as a leader in taking legacy games with well-known and established gaming titles and migrating them onto their blockchain. Gamers using the $CHICKS token can earn rewards, own, buy, sell, rent, trade gaming assets on several platforms. It is exciting times ahead for Solchicks, as it migrates established games onto its $CHICKS ecosystem.

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