Women’s Healthcare – Aspira Women’s Health, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AWH) ($AWH) interviews with Nicole Sandford,

Oct 20, 2023

Nicole Sandford, President, CEO, and Board Member of Aspira Women’s Health, Inc.omen’s Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: AWH) ($AWH) and Dr. Tamika Sea, FACOG, obstetrician, gynecologist and Founder/Owner of Advanced Women’s Care Center, are with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. From Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, viewers hear about Aspira’s Women’s Health business in marketing and developing advanced diagnostic kits that detect gynecological disorders and a focus on risk assessments. As an established Company, AWH has a market presence with years of experience in providing tests. Nicole and Tamika discuss the Company’s OvaWatchSM, a non-invasive blood-based test intended for use in the initial clinical assessment of ovarian cancer risk in women. Tamika owns Advanced Women Care Center, an OBGYN medical practice located in Atlanta, Georgia, and they use AWH’s test. Ovarian cancer diagnosis is terrifying, and patients need comprehensive medical attention. Dr. Sea talks about her medical practice using OvaWatchSM to assess pelvic lesions and how it helps put a medical treatment plan in place. Recently, a professionally employed woman under 40 needed to decide on her pelvic mass discovery, treatment protocols available, and the time assessments required. The patient was not ready for surgery, resulting in menopause at such a young age, so OvaWatchSM is assisting in watching the tumor and putting in treatment plans as necessary to limit lifestyle disruptions. Women need to check for ovarian cancer; if you are experiencing pelvic pain and other gynecology issues, seeking a medical professional for evaluation is essential. Aspira Women’s Health, its management team, and physicians that use AWH’s test are helping women with ovarian cancer and other gynecologic disorders. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit Aspira Women’s Health – https://aspirawh.com/.

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